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Devilish Encounters


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so i was in the bus with this granny by my side when we spotted two girls kissing by the bus stop. the granny turned to me and said “these girls are so pretty. at their age i was pretty ugly. well, maybe that’s why i had to marry a man” i almost died omg

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group projects when no one knows what they’re doing


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SPOTLIGHT: MoonDust by Sara K. Golish

'MoonDust' is a stunning mini series of drawings by artist Sara K. Golish as an ode to Afrofuturism and natural hair. 

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I hate when black clothes are a slightly different black and don’t match

we joke but this is an actual thing

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sometimes when i wanna listen to a particular song that i have on my computer i’ll open up chrome and search for it on youtube because that takes less time than actually opening itunes and waiting for it to load and ignoring the updates and scrolling through the library and finding the song and clicking on it and waiting half a minute for it to start playing

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The girl got the devil in her.

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